We are an independent council of experts

that creatively solve community & cultural infrastructure issues from the ground up.

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Our mission is to transform urban landscapes into win-win ecosystems

where communities can regenerate

and thrive. 

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We are a forward-thinking collective of industry leaders and entrepreneurs at the cross-section of culture, innovation, art, technology, design, retail, hospitality, entertainment, wellness, advocacy and real estate development. 

We believe that a round table approach can solve any problem. Open conversations forge mutual understanding, new solutions, and lasting impact. 


Community Vision

Organizations & Companies We Love:



From 2013-2020 Wallplay hosted over 700 art exhibitions & pop-ups in NYC  

and grew to operate over 30 vacant retail spaces. Our mission and spirit live on in the "COVID-19 Recovery Pop-Up

Tool-Kit" we co-developed with SideWalkLabs. Learn how to repurpose vacant space for public good & talk to landlords with confidence. 


We believe that the connected world should be the empowered world. We are an accelerator, studio, and community dismantling systemic barriers to success for marginalized founders and driving innovation, accessibility, and economic equity. We call on entrepreneurs, creatives, activists, dreamers, experts, educators, supporters, and leaders to lean in and get involved.


We’re on a mission to make retail accessible to anyone in the world.

No leases. No brokers. No hassle. With re/tell's matchmaking algorithm, we get brands in front of their core demographic to engage with customers to provide a unique experience. Easily scale your retail presence in hotel lobbies, co-working spaces, boutiques, airports, cafes, or retail marketplaces.


ON CANAL is a district for new ideas that hosts pop-ups. Brands, artists & startups can test out new concepts and engage with the public in high traffic locations at the intersection of SoHo and TriBeCa. Pop-to-perm long term leases are available. ON CANAL is an initiative by United American Land LLC, co-created by Vibes Studios & Wallplay.


NEW INC is an incubator for people working at the intersection of art, design, and technology. NEW INC’s year-long incubator program runs September-August, and is designed to support an interdisciplinary community of creative practitioners as they pursue a sustainable practice or bring a new business to life.


Recognizing that a lack of affordable space was the biggest threat to sustaining a diverse cultural environment in New York City, we began to work toward securing studio and presentation space in Midtown Manhattan for struggling artists by partnering with Property Owners that provide unused space to Chashama.


A tool that facilitates p2p emergency relief funding, leveler lets people give each other money without reliance on traditional slow-moving institutional methods of philanthropy. Leveler funding pools share a common need that can be serviced by individual donors, with no middle man. That means instant relief, through lots of small transactions.  



Eyebeam has committed to amplifying the voices of artists, inventors, designers and engineers who show us the horizon of what is possible, creating space for them to imagine the future. Eyebeam enables people to think creatively and critically about technology’s effect on society, with the mission of revealing

new paths toward a better future for all. 



ÆSTHESIA is a multi-sensory wellness program connecting with nature through art therapy. ÆSTHESIA creates relaxing environments that infuse nature and art therapy using immersive technology and ART (attention restoration theory) to support stress resilience, attention capacity, performance, positive emotions, and psycho-physiological wellness.


We advise on how space can be more dynamically utilized in both physical and digital environments. 


Advisory Services

Vision & Impact

Strategy Development 

  • Mission design (the north star)

  • Project thesis development

  • Impact goals & metrics design

  • Community insight focus groups

  • Neighborhood history mapping reports

  • Innovation & sustainable solution design

  • Key partner curation and management

Curation & Public

Art Production

  • Artist relations management

  • Public art bid management 

  • Cultural programming design

  • Non-profit art & culture network 

  • Art commission management 

  • Grant-writing & reporting management

  • Digital art installation licensing services

Marketing &

Cultural Partnerships

  • Brand sponsorship strategy development

  • Full scope project brand identity design 

  • Capsule website design & launch

  • Social media strategy & execution

  • Development of PR storylines 

  • Communications training 

  • Photo & video content capture 

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